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Regenerative Medicine & Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery



Mark Christopher Stewart, MD

Dr. Mark Christopher Stewart, MD, is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon who specializes in regenerative medicine, minimally invasive robotic assisted joint and

spine surgery.

Dr. Stewart takes an integrative and patient-centered approach to treatment. He’s especially fond of tackling difficult cases that other providers won’t.

Regenerative Medicine

Platelet rich protein (PRP) therapy utilizes platelets taken from the patient's own blood.

PRP has shown to be successful in not only relieving pain, but also in jump-starting the bodies natural processes.

"Most incredible thing I have ever tried. I had normal ability to flex my knee and before I couldn't exercise the way I wanted to. I was ready to try another because I got such good results out of the first one."
Gail; Successful PRP Injection

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Pressure Wave Therapy

Pressure wave therapy is an effective treatment for joint and muscle pain and disability.


What are the benefits of Pressure Wave Therapy?

  • Short treatment time (minutes)

  • Treat large areas

  • Non-invasive and no known significant adverse effects

  • Muscle massage with vibrating applicator

  • Results in few treatments

  • Alternative to medication

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Satisfied Patient with minimally invasive Mako Knee surgery

Minimally Invasive Hip Surgery

Dr. Stewart specializes in minimally invasive anterior lateral hip surgery in which the surgery is muscle sparing and uses smaller incisions with faster recovery time.


Many patients are able to return to work and normal activities within days or weeks instead of months typically conventional surgery.

Our Team

The friendly faces of Stewart Regenerative Medicine & Orthopedics

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